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Acquisition Hardware overview

The Acquisition Hardware monitors and acquires data’s from the wireless sensors. It exists in two models with 6 or 10 RF channels.

The system configures the sensor network and acquires the data’s in Real Time or Record Mode.

It operates with a PC HMI interface through an USB connection.

Acquisitions data’s received by the Acquisition Hardware are sent over a dedicated Ethernet UDP connection to the PC.

A unique model allows operating with all Smart'Acc Wireless products.

Technical Information's:

Main ECU : Dual/Triple Core Cortex

RF channels :  6 or 10 Rx/Tx channels for Network configuration and Data download

Products appellation : WACQS-6CH and WACQS-10CH

Frequency Ranges :

CE : 863 - 870 MHz

FCC : 902 - 928 MHz 

Pout Max : 20 dBm

RF Baud Rates :

Command : 9600 Bauds

Real Time :  350 KBauds

Record :  155 Kbauds


PC interface :

- USB   : Acquisition Hardware and Sensor network monitoring

Ethernet : 1 Gb/s UDP Data transfer to the PC HMI

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