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Ten DOF Wireless Recorders facilitate movement recognition in Robotics

WTDOFS product is a combo of a 3-Axis low g, 3-Axis GYRO, 3-Axis Magnetic and Pressure sensors recorders connected to an RF Receiver.​


It has been designed to facilitate data acquisitions in Robotics, Human-computer interaction, navigational and balancing technology applications.


It small weight and size allow performing measurements on small surfaces in movements.


All Measurements are stored at the device level and sent wirelessly to the Acquisition Hardware for further mathematical analysis.

WTDOF products are powered with a Rechargeable battery and comply by design with ESA FCC ECSS-Q-70-71A specification requirements.

Wireless Ten-DOF Recorder product

Ten-DOF Recorder product

WTDOFS operates with the Acquisition Hardware in a sensors network deployed in large areas.


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