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Enlarge your measurement domains with Wireless Vibration Sensors

WVS products are Vibration Recorders connected wirelessly to an Acquisition Hardware.​

The sensors are configured Over the Air, allowing a high flexibility in terms of Frequency bands, Power levels, Sampling rates or Test time durations.​

The products operate in Real Time and in Record Modes with sampling rates up to 20KS.​

A ‘State of the Art design integration’ allows supplying a wide range of products based on MEMS Technologies.​

WVS devices are dedicated to synchronously and accurately measure multi-vibrations phenomenon in Automotive, Industrial, Space and Military areas.​

WVS products are powered with a Rechargeable battery and comply by design with ESA FCC ECSS-Q-70-71A specification requirements.

Wireless Vibrations Recorders products

Size & Weight

Its small size and a weight less than 15 grs allows WVS products accessing any measurements areas through a single point hard glue contact.

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