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Small size RH,P,T recorders for large areas monitoring

WRHPTS products are Humidity , Pressure and Temperature recorders connected to an RF Receiver.​

The products can operate with the Acquisition Hardware, providing full system flexibilities required for Multi-sensors acquisitions.


The product can also operate with a single USB RF Receiver for smaller systems.


All Measurements are performed on a configurable Time base and sent to the RF receiver periodically or at the end of the Acquisition period.


It small size and autonomy allow reaching measurements areas with limited access.

WRHPTS products are powered with a Rechargeable battery supporting 20.000 measurements without recharge.

Wireless RH,P,T sensors products

RH,P,T Recorder product

WRHPTS operates with the Acquistion Hardware in a sensor network deployed in large areas.


RH,P,T Wireless sensors and USB Receiver kit

The sensor is dedicated for monitoring RH,P,T in small areas and powered with a CR2032 battery type. An USB dongle receiver operates with a PC HMI for data display and storage.



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